Friday, October 1, 2010


 The best month of the year ~OCTOBER~ is finally here!! 

1stly October is originally my fav month cuz.. yall should know (its my burhhdaeee =p)

*Can I get this guy as my birthday present, prrzzz?*

hehehehehehehehehhehehehehhehehehehhehehe =='' sampat

Kpopically (lol my new term), this year's Oct will be EPIC~! All of my top 5 bias group is making a COMEBACK this month = promoting together = heaven <33333

BEAST - 30th Sept/ 1st Oct

SHINee - 1st Oct

U-Kiss - 4th Oct

JYJ - 12th Oct

T-ARA (date to be announced)

Other groups' comeback (which I know) are:
Jewelry, 2PM, 2AM, BigBang

Basically, my life is ~COMPLETE~ in October minus the fact that I can't go to JYJ showcase fml. =_= omg still can't believe that I'm not going to meet Jae when he's actually coming to Malaysia! *crying forever*

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


got it from tumblr..~ looks interesting so decided to do it on my blog. Sun Bian update xia lol All Kpop  fans feel free to repost ^^

What/Who got you into kpop?
Myself.  TVXQ's Rising Sun MV was being promoted on Astro during 2006 for their 1st Asia Tour Concert in Malaysia.
Favourite boy group?
Favourite girl group
T-ARA, 4Minute, SNSD
Favourite idol group overall?
Other groups you love?
U-kiss, F(x), C.N.BLUE, Royal Pirates(debuting next yr~), 2NE1, Big Bang, FT Island, etc.
Rank your favourites from each of your stated groups above?
TVXQ: Hero Jaejoong > Xiah Junsu > U-know Yunho = Max Changmin = Micky Yoochun
SHINee: Key > Taemin = Onew = Jonghyun > Minho
BEAST: Hyunseung > Yoseob > Junhyung = Doojoon > Kikwang = Dongwoon
T-ARA: Jiyeon > Hyomin > Boram = Soyeon > Qri = Eunjung > Hwayoung
4Minute: HyunA = Gayoon > Sohyun = Jiyoon > Jihyun
SNSD: Jessica > Taeyeon = Seohyun > Yuri = Sunny = Hyoyeon > Yoona = Tiffany = Sooyoung

U-Kiss: Kiseop = Kevin > Alexander = Dongho > Kibum = Soohyun = Eli
F(x): Krystal = Sulli = Luna = Amber = Victoria (hmm.. don't know who's my fav yet)
C.N.BLUE: Jonghyun = Minhyuk > Yonghwa = Jungshin
Royal Pirates: Moonchul > Sooyoon > James
Favourite pairings from each of your stated groups?
TVXQ: Yunjae, Jaemin, Yoosu
SHINee: Jongkey, Ontae
BEAST: Junseung, Dooseob, Junseob, Doowoon
T-ARA: idk .__. I ship JiyeonxYoon Siyoon/Yoo Seungho :3
4Minute: HyunAxSohyun (Sona? lol)
U-Kiss: Alvin, Elvin, Kemaru, Kevseop (basically Kevin involves in all the relationships). LoL & recently found Kiseop+Dongho! <-- click to watch video evidence.

Favourite idol group pairings?
JoonxHyomin, DongwoonxSohyun
I'll just list out my favourite voices..
Favourite solo female singer?
Vocal:Jisun (former Loveholic vocalist), G.NA, IU, Park Bom, Lee HaeRi(Davichi), Taeyeon, Jesicca, etc.
Rapper: HyunA, Ha Jooyeon(babyJ), CL
Favourite solo male singer?
Vocal:Jaejoong(best voice for me), Park Hyoshin, Jung Dongha(Boohwal's vocalist), Xiah Junsu, Taemin, Onew, Hyunseung, Yoseob, Kevin, Moonchul, etc.
Rapper: Key, T.O.P, Junhyung, G-Dragon, Eli
Favourite songs right now? 
JYJ - いつだって君に  (With You Always), Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST, SHINee - Love Pain, BEAST - Clenching A Tight Fist, 2NE1 - Go Away, Love is Ouch, Jeong Yeop/Hyunseung - Take Care, G.NA - Kiss Me, T-ara Soyeon - What should we finish, Yoon Siyoon - Going towards you
Favourite fanclub?
Favourite entertainment company(s)?
Loved a group your not into anymore?
2PM, Super Junior, MBLAQ :|
First kpop song ever?
hmm don't rmb.. maybe Se7en - Come back to me ( from ENERGY's 某年某月某一天)
First kpop music video ever?
TVXQ - Rising Sun
First kpop love (group/solo)?
TVXQ, Jaejoong
Favourite variety show (and with who)?
X-man with TVXQ. Any variety show with my bias in it~ Recently addicted to ShinJungHwanPD's Variety Show lol
Group you could never get into no matter how much you tried.
Rainbow? I really like their SHOES for A, btw..
Any dance you can do (from a MV etc) or want to learn?
BoBeepBoBeep..? LoL nvr really learn >< needda learn some kpop dances soon
Any songs you memorised the lyrics to?
A few.. but only part of the song, like from the 1st verse to the chorus..
Hottest male in the industry to you?
Jaejoong~~~~~~ No Minwoo, Lee Minki, So Ji-sub, Yong Junhyung, T.O.P, Rain, LeeJoon, Se7en; mainly those badass guys with thick lips & hot bodies? LOL!
note: I prefer cute/sweet guys more than hot/badass guys so a lot of my bias didn't appear on this list. (also I placed "sexy" and "hot" in different category) But the one & only man who has the whole package would be JAEJOONG~♥ 
Prettiest female in the industry to you?
Jiyeon, HyunA. LoL very obvious biased answer. Too many pretty faces really ^^;; more eg. Go Ara(my goddess~ she has the prettiest eyes ever), Kim Taehee, Sulli, Taeyeon, Lizzy,  etc.
A person you want to be like/admire the most?
Person admire most: Mahathir  Jaejoong.
Wanna be like: HyunA(looks)+Jiyeon(personality)+Jessica(charms)+G.NA(voice)..? IDK :x
A song you must/always/usually listen to EVERY day?
Jaejoong/TVXQ- Insa. hmm generally just Kpop~ cuz I have my playlist on shuffle..
Your favourite music video?
TVXQ: Hug, Tri-Angle, Rising Sun, O JungBanHub, Always There, Tonight, Balloons, Purple Line, Mirotic, SHINee: Replay, RingDingDong, Lucifer, BEAST: Beast is the b2st, Bad Girl, Shock, T-ara: Lies, BoBeepBoBeep, I Go Crazy Because of You, 4Minute: Change, HuH, I My Me Mine, U-kiss: Not Young, ManManHaNi, BingeulBingeul, F(x): Chocolate Love, Nu ABO, SNSD: Girls Generation, Genie, Gee, Park Bom: You & I, FT Island's MV(all of them are so dramatic ;__;), 2NE1: I Don't Care, etc...........

Any of your friends into kpop and who?
Can I say most of my friends..? x3
Have any kpop merchandise?
A lot of TVXQ stuffs(my precious collection)~ SHINee, SMTown & Suju's albums.. BEAST & U-KISS album from fanmeeting..~ (I wanna sell my Suju Don't Don repackaged album & SuperShow1 concert dvd T^T anyone willing to buy at discounted price?)
Which group can you see yourself being dedicated to for the rest of your time into kpop?  
TVXQ/DBSK forh-ehh-vaahhh~~ and also SHINee & BEAST <333 hmm my girl groups too~?       

Friday, May 7, 2010

Daorae & Temple. O,.o

Thurs after class lunch @ Daorae w/ Tze Wei & Woanshing.
their mei tui and my fei tui LoL.

Ordered the same dish as last time so i did not take much pics of them..

After we're done. Our stomach were bloated! 

woanshing ate all of the "egg tofu" lolx. I couldnt finish my last piece of Kimchi Pancake ><

Im excited seeing TVXQ 2nd Asia Tour Concert Poster which I didn't see it the last 2 times i went -_- my eyes must've some prob..

After that, we went to Tze Wei's house & the temple at Butterworth for our fortune telling(?) and pray namo namo.. It's a pretty nice place~
The lady analyse our character & told us about our fortune and what we need to take note of based on the drawing of our house. It's really miracle and accurate! I couldn't share what I draw or what she said to me here cuz some of you might wanna go try it sometime. If you're curious, ask me on msn hehehe =p

The lady (sifu?) gave us a crystal hp strap for safety & good luck~ i have it hang on my handphone now~ (replaced my tvxq & bell T.T)

I ❤ beach...

Wed outing with SK2, Carrie & Caryn~
went to Amp Square, Sunway Carnival @ Butterworth at 2pm.
sang for 4-5hrs, had dinner then went to Batu Ferringhi, Sunset beach~ ^^

Sunset. I love the beach & sea <3 We wrote our name on the beach but too dark & our lame handphones do not have flash so cant take pic of our artwork~ T.T
Gone crazy with the "SsSsssseeeuu-lave" talk in the car.. 
(those who watched Kijai or Harry Potter will know :D)
back home at around 11pm~ ☆

Thursday, May 6, 2010

College ?_?

Just ended classes for Sem1. These is what we normally do during boring lessons ie. LAW CLASS by JANET..

can anyone see wth she writing? i can't understand her writing, explanation and notes at all.. Its all Mess! zzz.. i guess im just going to take the test nxt sem by studying on my own at home =_=;;

I exercise my mouth really hard with Tze Wei & Woan Shing during Law class. And we did some lame stuffs sometimes LoL.

my colourful toe socks~ 

Tze Wei's souvenir for us from Thai. ^^

Jaejoong cycling~ kekeke

some pics from last year...

my drawing of Jaejoongie <3


 byul (star)~

Oh & today is sad+happy..? last day for F7 Revision class... i wanna attend more classes~ >///<  not because of Spencer aka Buzz Lightyear (lol my lecturer).. cuz..cuzzz T____T
my "fake Dongwoon".. LoL he really does look like B2ST's Son Dongwoon (to me). probably might be the last time I see him.. i dun think next sem i'll take the same subject with him ;___; but im quite lucky to 've bump into him a few times today =p

Anyway, I better concentrate on my studies now~!! Exam's coming =__=
 bbyeong!~ ❤

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

马路入虎口.. ;__;

27/4/2010 -  the day i get my driving phobia.
woke up early, bathed, online..
was energetic & motivated because of Hyunseung & Yoseob's YOZM posts..
(click to enlarge)

left at 8.30am for college..
-Driving to Carrie's house- 
There's a Rapid stops in front, and there's cars from the opposite site
so i potong the Rapid like everyone does and try to avoid being too near to the opposite lane.. and my side mirror hit the Rapid cuz i was too close to it.. T_T the side mirror was pushed in so i fix it when i stop by to fetch Carrie..
-Driving to Sentral College-
Carrie & I chitchat in the car like we usually do..
When i was changing to the right lane suddenly
a blue Myvi pop out and then BANG..
"O-M-G.. Im dead"
She flashed her front light and we stopped by beside to settle 
She phoned someone and ask for RM200 so i called my mum
thn mum said she will ask her foreman to check before paying
so tht lady took down my IC no., License no. and photo of my car plate 
(sei yim jim po = ='')
before she leaves she said 
"Make sure your mum call me if not im going to make a police report"
(~!@#$%^&* 38 fat hao)

obviously we were late for class..
During break time I was chatting with my friends 
and when i saw my handphone thr was 2 miscall from her
I quickly sms her saying tht sry im having class 
She replied asking me to ask my mum to call her or gv her my mum's hp no.
so i sms my mum and continue with my class
and then 2nd sms came "Please give me your mum's contact no."
(Zzzz *control myself from bashing*)
but everyone was concentrating listening to Spencer(my lecturer), the class was too quiet
i cant call my mum..
few minutes later Spencer went out for a lil walk LoL
i took this chance to call my mum and then sms her with my mum's no.

Seriously i am worried for the whole day 
and couldnt really bother about Spencer's joke while everyone's laughing

btw, after class we went to Pragin for my failed bag-searched and hv lunch-McDonald~
LoL we sit Woanshing's car thr cuz i have some phobia driving after what happened.
Then we watch Toy Story 1 & 2 3D at Gurney. 3hrs and 15mins with 10mins break between lols. (i thought it was TS3 cuz i've watched 1 & 2 back in primary T^T.. but its still fun hanging out with Carrie & BWS and recall my memory for Toy Stories teehee~)

I hope this doesn't happen again T.T im still a bit afraid when i drive now tbh...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Blood Type? bingeul bingeul~

So I started to watch U-Kiss Vampire few days ago cuz im bored & my friend, Aida is currently obsessed with them (and her second wife husband aka Eli). Apparently the show used the idea of different Blood Types among the members to let us get to know more about U-kiss (and of course to attract viewers since Koreans are kinda superstitious about blood types). Btw, i found my new fav member of Ukiss after watching UV -- Uljjang (best face) Lee Kiseop (the newly added member)~ please let him sing PLEASE!  Ling's fav too! omg twins are awesome =D hmm.. I liked Kevin & Eli at 1st tho during ManManHaNi.. Xander and Kibum are really fun and crazy & talented Soohyun & cute rebellious Dongho~ :O ok i like them all.  LoL 
left to right: Eli, Dongho, Alexander, Kiseop, Kibum, Soohyun, Kevin

Back to the topic - Blood type. So yesterday I wanted to find out what is my blood type and googled some quiz to test. I did 4 quizzes - 2 were AB, 1 A and 1 B. (and 1 more ridiculous quiz with only 3 questions and result was O. not counted) I'm 100% sure im not a Type O. sigh~ I always wanted to be an ABtype cuz its rare & special~ but some ppl say its the worst traits and often avoid them. (The dirty world that always exclude TypeAB! *gagconcert*) Our princess Heechul is an AB as well. Im so proud of him~ Other AB k-celebs: YeeunSunmi and Sohee of the Wonder Girls, Tae Yang from Big BangHyo Yeon from Girls GenerationGyuri from KARA and Yesung from Super Junior.
 Most groups' leader are Type A: U-know Yunho of DBSK/TVXQ/Tonhoshiki, G-Dragon of Big BangSun Ye of WondergirlsLee Teuk of Super Juniorand Jong Hun of F.T. Island. I can totally understand why. 
All this while I've thought that im a TypeB by reading articles and watching how I am kinda similar to Dongho in UV sometimes. But now idek anymore.. Examples of Bs: Jessica and Yoona fromGirls GenerationSi Won from Super Junior and Junsu and Chang Min fromDBSK, T.O.P. from Big Bang.  
Type O is the hyper and talkative dork -my love JaeJoongand others such as Micky of DBSK, Young SaengJung Min and Hyung Joon of SS501Ryeo WookEun HyukShin DongKang In and Han Kyung of Super Junior, Soo Young and Tae Yeon of Girls Generation. Check out yourself and tell me what's your blood type~ ^^ 

Blood type A
People with blood type A are usually serious, patient, and cool. They are also emphatic, certifiable, and believable although they are stubborn. Before they do something, they usually think first and plan it in detail. Indeed, they like harmony, peace and organization.
They do everything seriously and consistently, and make themselves appropriately. That is why, they will try not to hurt anyone with their words or speak unnecessarily. But, they can stand apart from other people. They also suppressed their feeling, so they look rigid although they still have weaknesses, such as nervous, scary, and many more. They lean to surround themselves with the same characteristic people.

Blood Type B
People with blood type B tend to be curious and interested in everything. They also lean to have many hobbies. If they are interested in something, they will be buoyant, but unfortunately they will be bored fast. However, they can choose the most important thing for them to do.
They lean to want to be number one in anything rather than just to be average people. But, they usually ignore another activity if they have focused on a certain activity. In other words, they cannot do some activities at the same time.
They look cheerful, enthusiastic, and bright. But, they are actually not like their appearances. Indeed, they are antisocial with many people. They are rugged individualists who are straightforward and like to do things their own way. Unluckily, their insistence on being independent can sometimes go too far and become a weakness.

Blood type O
People with blood type O usually have a big role in motivating the passion of their groups and stimulating the harmonious relationship among the group members. They look like people who accept and do something calmly.
They are smart to cover up their feelings, so they look like people who are always cheerful, peaceful, and do not have problem at all. But, if they cannot bear it, they will surely find out a place or someone to talk.
They are kind, often do kindness, and are not reluctant to get out of their money to other people. They are actually stubborn too and have their own opinions about anything in confidence, but they are also flexible and easily accept new things. No wonder that they lean to be influenced easily by other people. Look like people who are temperate and believable, but they also often make big mistakes because of their careless characteristic. However, their characteristics make them lovable.

Blood type AB
People with blood type AB have sensitive and soft feeling. They have profound interests with other people's feelings and always face other people with care and beware. However, they also tough with themselves and people close to them. Thus, they lean to have two personalities.
They are usually grudge people and think something too deep. Fortunately, they have a lot of friends, but they also need time to be lonely to think their own problems.